Your Next Brass Ring: Find where you are leaving money on the table with your Shopify store

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“My Shopify store is nothing but a constant headache.”

Do you spend a lot on Shopify apps, product and collection page customizations, Facebook/Google/Instagram ads... only to see people come to your website and abandon their carts? If they actually add anything to the cart, that is.

It's a frustrating situation to be in.

Putting money left and right, you are trying to figure out what blocks your visitors from placing an order. But brute force doesn't cut it. The lack of positive results takes a toll on your patience and finances.

You have to spend money on your store to make money from your store, right?

But if your conversions aren't improving, you are just spinning your wheels. Staying on the same spot and expending effort is a losing strategy in e-commerce. Heck, it's unadvisable in any business. That's why you are certain something isn't right.

What you aren't certain of, however, is what you've been doing wrong the whole time.

You switch between your Shopify reports and Google Analytics. You try to make sense of the numbers only to realize you have no idea what scares people away.

You know there is a way to grow your online store's revenue...

You just don't know which one of the 356,421 available options you should invest your effort and money in.

Imagine you could be certain what would help more of your Shopify store's visitors to place an order? You store could make more money after you do the right work.

Yes, growing a Shopify store can be painful, but you don't have to let it.

Learn how to find what stops your visitors from placing an order with the help of my leak identification guide. Discover how much money you are leaving on the table and find what would have the biggest impact on your revenue, so you can fix it next.

You'll learn how to make sense of your Google Analytics data and come up with actionable insights. That's an indispensable skill in the belt of every online business owner.

Get ready to learn what blocks your visitors from placing an order on your Shopify website! Buy this guide and you'll get clear how to reach that next revenue goal.

(hint: it doesn't start with getting more traffic!)

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Your Next Brass Ring: Find where you are leaving money on the table with your Shopify store

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