No Code Shopify Speed Optimization Guide

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Confused how to deal with the slo-o-o-o-w speed of your store?

As a non-technical Shopify store owner you can't get to grips with what may be slowing down your site. You want to create the best experience possible for your visitors, yet you don't know which Shopify app will kill your site... and your revenue.

With the help of rules of thumb, derived from my practical experience as a Shopify speed optimizer, you'll know what to do in the most common speed-threatening situations you'll face as an online store owner and manager.

This way you'll be able to get your site speed under control and finally focus on serving your customers the way they deserve. 

In this quick guide, you'll learn

1. How to balance using Apps without slowing down your store

2. What’s the best way to minimize image load

3. What are the most common reasons for slowing a store down and how to fix them

This guide is intentionally short—as a store owner you don’t need to become the authority on speed optimization, but to get the gist of the problem area, understand your options and move on.

That’s why, to save your time and precious mental resources, I won’t make this “a 12 chapter book that could have been an article”.

What readers are saying

Thanks for the incredible amount details here, Rumen! Super helpful :)

— Laura Robinson

About the author
Rumen has been professionally speed optimizing Shopify sites since 2017 and increasing the ease of use and conversions on e-com websites since 2011.

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No Code Shopify Speed Optimization Guide

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