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Harmonious Web Design: The e-book

Rumen Dimitrov
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“My designs don't look professional…”

Looking at professionally designed websites, you keep beating yourself up that your designs are just not on that level. 

You know, that feeling when a design looks just... beautiful. You can't think of anything that needs to be added or removed. It's perfect on its own. 

And you can't tell what makes it so:

  • Is it the minor details?
  • Is it some creative vision the designer had?
  • Is it experience?

Actually, it's none of the above. 

So, what is that magic about professionally designed websites?

What's that intangible thing that makes them appeal to the eye? 

It's no magic at all. 

It's harmony

Harmony is what makes you like looking the AListApart website.

Harmony is what makes you like the Apple website design. 


Well, you're WRONG. 

Because it's not about talent. At all. 

The designers these websites beautiful. 

Let me say that again:

They made these website designs beautiful. On purpose. They “programmed” beauty, using... a scale!

A scale that all professional web designers use. 

And that scale is based on harmony. Duh!

Now, all this means that you just need to sit down, get one of those scales and learn how to use it to embed harmony in your designs.

You don't need any special gifts from Mother Nature. Hooray!

One question left: How do you start embedding harmony in your designs?

By tending to the flow of the text on your web pages. 


Because in 2015 the most used medium on the web is text.

That's why your first step to harmonious web design is Harmonious Typography ™.

This is exactly what “” v1.0 will teach you.

With the help of this book you'll learn:

1. What is harmony

2. How to embed harmony in a web page

3. How to use a modular scale to:

     3.1. Set line height

     3.2. Set column width

     3.3. Style headings

5. What is “visual hierarchy” and how to communicate it

6. How to style whitespace harmoniously

7. How to use all of the information in the book in a project of your own

You can also download a sample chapter here

The best part is, “Harmonious Web Design” isn't just a theoretical book.

You won't be drowned in useless theory. HWD takes you through the process I use to design harmonious (read “beautiful”) websites  illustrates that process with a real-world project as an example. So, it's just enough theory + a lot of (50%+) practice.

What's the deal with v1.0?

This book is work in progress. In v1.0 I cover harmonious typography. With the help of your feedback, I will decide what aspect of harmony to cover next. . 

Is this book for you?

This book is for you, if you:

  • are just starting out with web design 
  • know HTML&CSS and feel stuck using these skills to actually create a website
  • feel your designs don't look professional and you don't know what they're actually missing
  • don't have a clearly defined web design process that you follow

This book for you, if you:

  • are a seasoned web designer. Because my approach may be different from yours. Your expertise won't let you open up and you will quickly grow frustrated with the order I advise people to do things (No Photoshop for layout, have content before hand, sketch on paper, ditch Bootstrap in the gutter)
  • are hoping to become an HTML&CSS guru. The amount of code you'll find inside is very little. The focus here are not the tools, but the way a web designer thinks.

What are others saying?

Here are few of the things readers have said:

I would recommend this book to a beginner. It got me thinking about things I would have never known about otherwise. It introduced some new concepts and gave me a different approach when designing a page

—Honnigorega on

This book has some solid advice on using a modular scale to set the typography of your pages. It does this by growing through the process of designing a landing page, so you may pick up some other helpful things along the way.

—TheChiggaMan on

It is surprising how much people (and probably also myself) take something seemingly simple as typography completely for granted and pass it off as "just some text".
—AlteranAncient on

I liked your really basic approach on design and how the book progresses step by step.

—Ryan/rekenna on

What if you don't like it?

I'll be happy to return 100% of your money (30-day money-back guarantee). I might ask you some questions in order to improve.

Here's what you're getting

  • A book that teaches you how to embed harmony in a website design
  • Ability to peek over my shoulder as I apply my process for harmonious typography step-by-step on an actual website
  • The source code of the website I'm working on (HTML + CSS) 
  • The only chance to get it for $12. The price will go up with v2.0
  • Forever free book updates
  • An opportunity to reach out to me with any questions you might have
  • A 30-day money back guarantee, if you don't like it

Does this sound like an investment?

P.S.: If you have any questions about “Harmonious Web Design”, drop me an email at

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Harmonious Web Design: The e-book

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